In this immersive program, preschoolers embark on a creative adventure inspired by a different renowned artist each month. From Van Gogh’s swirling colours to Picasso’s abstract forms, our young artists will delve into the techniques, styles, and stories behind these artistic icons. Through hands-on projects and imaginative activities, children will not only develop their fine motor skills but also cultivate an appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the art world.


  • Dedicated Instructors: Our programme is led by experienced and qualified instructors.
  • Parent Engagement: We believe in sharing the artistic journey with you. Visit our website to find a dedicated section that sheds light on the featured artist of the month. Discover insights into their life, their influence, and the mesmerizing artwork your child has crafted under their inspiration
  • Monthly Newsletters: Parents will stay informed with photos of classroom activities.
  • Progress Reports: Parents will receive biannual progress reports, offering insights into their child’s development and areas of growth.


  • Professional guidance: Expert art instructors can offer structured learning and guidance, enhancing children’s artistic skills.
  • Varied techniques: Exposure to different art forms fosters creativity.
  • Skill development: Enhance fine motor skills, coordination, and focus through hands-on art.
  • Confidence boost: Successful completion of art projects enhances self-esteem and confidence.
  • Cultural exposure: Learning about various art styles and traditions broadens children’s cultural awareness.


  • Enriched curriculum: Collaborating with AbsoluteART adds a unique and comprehensive dimension to the preschool’s programme.
  • Attractive offering: Art enrichment can make the preschool more appealing to parents seeking well-rounded education.
  • Showcases the school’s commitment to a dynamic and innovative approach
  • Opportunities for themed events or exhibitions, fostering community involvement
  • Professional development: Preschool staff might also learn new teaching techniques and art-related skills.

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Our school has engaged AbsoluteART since 2019. Our children love their art lessons as the lessons are fun and engaging. If you are looking for a fun and interesting art enrichment, AbsoluteART would be your best choice.

– MeiXuan, Principal Little Talent Childcare Centre


art course

Our centre has engaged AbsoluteART for many years! The process through a piece of artwork cultivates patience, creativity, focus and promotes good fine motor skills. The lessons are well-taught and responses are really good. Children also brought back their masterpieces and some of their homes are like a mini gallery!

– Adeline , Principal MMI BB CSC