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English - EduDrama Programme

English EduDrama Programme

Absolute Mind’s EduDrama Programme aims to develop students in the 5 learning domains –

  1. Moral
  2. Cognitive
  3. Language
  4. Physical
  5. Creative Expression

Our EduDrama programme was developed with the MOE SEL framework in mind to provide our clients with a programme that suits the requirements from MOE. It ensures a safe and fun learning environment for students to develop and grow as a wholistic individual.

At the primary 1 level, our main focus is exposure to different forms of dramatic expressions and to increase confidence in performing to an audience.

At the primary 2 level, our main focus is imparting dramatic skills and exploring further possibilities in performance.

At the primary 3 level, our main focus is encouraging independence and a sense of ownership in performance creation.


  • Students take initiative and become enthusiastic learners.
  • Students are team players and compassionate towards their peers.