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Chinese Speech and Drama(3-6yrs)

Our Mandarin Speech and Drama programme aims to provide a fun-loving environment to learn the language. We not only encourage the children to read, but to also eventually be able to express themselves confidently in mandarin.

Consistency and practice are key components when it comes to learning language. Through the various activities in the programme, the children will be able to apply and practice what they have learnt. This is done through role-playing activities, music and dance, poetry and retelling of stories.


What Happens in Class?

Each level has a carefully crafted programme to ease the students into learning and loving the language. N1 is where we lay the foundation and spark their interest through pretend play and illustrated storytelling. N2 is where we start to develop their ability to speak through songs, dance and tongue twisters, while the K1 and K2 programmes focuses on performance and the exploration of characters in Chinese poetry and Chinese Idioms.

Through various group activities, the children will be able to practice with their peers, building confidence and bettering their social skills. All this will culminate into a year-end performance for students to showcase what they have learnt through the course of the programme.