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We offer fun-filled art activities for events such as bring your kids to work day or family day. From learning how to mould clay, painting and mask making, to drama and dance workshops where they unleash their inner diva. We’ll ensure your children will have a fun and wholistic experience with us or join in on the fun and build stronger bonds as a family. For more info don’t hesitate to contact us.

Art Workshop for Corporate Events

Allow your children to unleash creativity through different art mediums. Family day could get more interesting working on a craft project together. Or join in on the fun with the young ones as you work on an art piece together. We offer painting, mask making and simple clay moulding workshops set on a specific theme or story.

Speech and Drama Workshop for Corporate Events

Get to express yourself in our speech and drama workshops where children get the opportunity to express themselves through different characters. Encourage the young ones to step out of their shell as they join in fun-filled drama activities while giving them the opportunity to be stars in their own way. Or join in on the fun together with the young ones and learn basic improv and acting skills along the way.


Dance Workshops for Corporate Events

Get up and start moving with our Dance Programme where children get to learn the coolest moves and dance to the latest tunes. What better way to workout and have fun with you and your family than to dance the day away. From the latest K-pop craze to Zumba for kids, we guarantee to satisfy your boogie feet.


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