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We are a team of dedicated and professional trainers who take pride in the learning of our children. Our teachers adopt a very positive attitude and are very encouraging towards their students

Teacher Michelle
Head Preschool Speech and Drama Trainer

Michelle is a passionate speech and drama teacher and has had 8 years of teaching experience. She understands and respects children’s individuality especially in the field of performing arts and connects very well with them. With her extensive set of skills and experience, she is committed to delivering high quality programs in schools.

Teacher Juliet
Senior Teacher

Juliet heads our phonics programme and has a well-rounded skill set. As a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education with more than 10 years experience in teaching, her on-the-job experience has given her a well-rounded skill-set. With a solid educational background and passion for teaching, she grooms her students to be confident caring individuals.

Teacher Sofi
Head Primary School Speech and Drama Trainer

Sofi is a bubbly and energetic individual who took an interest in the performing arts from a very young age. She has had 5 years of experience teaching English Speech and Drama to children ranging from ages 4 to 14. She strongly believes in encouraging children to freely explore creative outlets of expression and learn through role-play. Her hope is to instill the same passion in performing in children she teaches.

Teacher Joanne

Joanne is a very creative and outgoing person, with her high level of energy, students always look forward to her classes. She is a graduate of Master of Arts (Creative Arts) in 2012 and has been teaching dance and performing arts for more than 8 years. She believes that interactive performing arts activities such as Speech and Drama is one of the best tools to nourish children’s imagination and creativity.

Teacher Liza

Liza has always been very passionate about the arts and enjoys teaching young children. She graduated from Republic Polytechnic’s Arts and Theatre Management Diploma and has worked with different age groups ranging from 1.5- 12-year-olds. Being a determined and caring individual, she always ensures that the needs of the children are being attended to.

Teacher Tina

Tina graduated with a degree in the performing arts and was an active member in her school’s musical theatre organization. She has choreographed and co-directed several school productions and believes in the power of story-telling. She always encourages her students to express themselves be it through movement or speech and hopes to inspire them to use it as a platform to become better confident individuals.

Teacher Wen

Wen graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education. She is effectively bilingual in Mandarin and English. She is passionate about the arts and strongly believes that every child possesses a great deal of creativity and imagination that should be nurtured and celebrated.

Teacher Tasha

Tasha is an expressive, innovative and compassionate educator with a passion for the performing arts scene. She began her journey as a preschool teacher for 6 years, with experience in supporting and inspiring excellence in children aged 2-6. She prides herself in pushing boundaries to expressing one’s creativity and embraces the different ways children do so.

Teacher Ker Miao

Ker Miao’s passion for helping children and watching them learn and achieve has resulted in her to do a mid-career switch. She has obtained a diploma in early childhood, which has helped equip her with useful skills such as classroom management and interacting with children. She hopes to build her student’s self-confidence and the ability to allow themselves to express themselves freely.