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We are a team of dedicated and professional trainers who take pride in the learning of our children. Our teachers adopt a very positive attitude and are very encouraging towards their students

Xu Lao Shi
Head Preschool Speech and Drama Trainer

Graduating with an early childhood programme, Cherry is the lead trainer for our preschool Chinese speech and drama programme. Her bright and bubbly persona always keeps her classes fun and energetic. Her young and adventurous spirit allows her to be bold and open-minded, always willing to try new ways to make her classes more interesting for her students.

Gao Lao shi
Head Primary School Speech and Drama Trainer

Graduating with a diploma in theatre from China, her theatrical experience has proved to be an asset in conducting speech and drama classes. Having undergone professional training in teaching speech and drama, her classes are always engaging and fun. With her overall experience, she heads the curriculum team that comes up with the Primary School Speech and Drama syllabus.

Xiao Lu Lao Shi

Xiao Lu Lao Shi graduated from an early childhood programme. She’s also had professional training in Speech and Drama and is well equipped in the necessary skills to conduct Drama classes. Her outgoing personality allows her to be a vibrant and energetic teacher, keeping her students on their toes while making sure they grow in confidence along the way. She hopes to bring happiness and joy to her students.

Sun Lao Shi

Sun Lao Shi has a wealth of experience in Early Childhood education for almost 10 years. She decided to take a leap into preschool Drama teaching. With her experience, she understands the different milestones of learning and abilities of children. She has an eye for detail and always tries to bring the best out of her students.

Ge Lao Shi

A native Chinese speaker, she has excellent command of the language. Ge Lao Shi pursued her passion for teaching kids when she decided to do a mid-career change. She has culminated 8-10 years of teaching experience in Speech and Drama. She has studied drama and is dedicated to improving her students, nurturing them into better individuals.

Ker Miao Lao Shi

Ker Miao’s passion for helping children and watching them learn and achieve has resulted in her to do a mid-career switch. She has obtained a diploma in early childhood, which has helped equip her with useful skills such as classroom management and interacting with children. She hopes to build her student’s self-confidence and the ability to allow themselves to express themselves freely.

Wen Lao Shi

Wen graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education. She is effectively bilingual in Mandarin and English. She is passionate about the arts and strongly believes that every child possesses a great deal of creativity and imagination that should be nurtured and celebrated.

Joanne Lao Shi

Joanne is a very creative and outgoing person, with her high level of energy, students always look forward to her classes. She is a graduate of Master of Arts (Creative Arts) in 2012 and has been teaching dance and performing arts for more than 8 years. She believes that interactive performing arts activities such as Speech and Drama is one of the best tools to nourish children’s imagination and creativity.