Chinese speech and drama

Chinese speech and drama classes develop kid’s confidence and fluency.

chinese speech and drama singapore

Chinese speech and drama

Nurturing a global vision through our Mandarin Speech and Drama

At Absolute Minds, we believe in nurturing a global vision through our Mandarin Speech and Drama Programme. Designed for children aged 3 to 6 years, our classes are more than just language lessons. They are a gateway to confidence, creativity, and cultural immersion. Our unique approach blends traditional learning with fun, interactive activities, making Mandarin come alive in the hearts and minds of our young learners.

"My son used to be nervous speaking Mandarin. His drama class has really brought out his chatty side!"


Our Mandarin Speech and Drama programme aims to provide a fun-loving environment to learn the language.

We not only encourage the children to read, but to also eventually be able to express themselves confidently in mandarin.

Consistency and practice are key components when it comes to learning language.

Through the various activities in the programme, the children will be able to apply and practice what they have learnt.

This is done through role-playing activities, music and d

Our Aim

Our Chinese Speech and Drama Programme aims to create an enviroment for children to immerse in and cultivate a love for the chinese language through play and interaction.



  • 3 to 4 years old (N1/N2)
  • 5 to 6 years old (K1/K2)


8 lessons per term

  • 30 mins per lesson (N1)
  • 45mins per lesson (N2-K2)
chinese speech and drama


Hanyu Pinyin is our exxciting Mandarin course to prepare students for Primary One.

The course guides the students through a range of vocabulary development exercises and phonic strengthening techniques.

The students will learn components of Chinese syllables, four groups of vowels and seven groups of consonants through songs, chants and games.

The course is designed to complement the latest MOE guidelines.

Our Aim

Our Han Yu Pin Yin Programme aims to help K2 students who are preparing for primary school as they can strengthen they command of Mandarin.



  • 6 years old (K2)


8 lessons per term

  • 45mins per lesson (K2)
chinese speech and drama singapore

Chinese speech and drama


"Speech and drama programs, from childhood through adulthood, have gained immense popularity, offering a range of benefits beyond traditional education. These programs are particularly effective in enhancing linguistic and social skills, fostering creative expression, and understanding cultural nuances, especially within the context of Mandarin learning. Referencing the study 'The Effect of Drama Education on Social Skill Levels of Students Attending Child Development Associate Programme' by Pamukkale University, it's evident that students engaged in drama education exhibit significantly improved social skills compared to their peers. This is especially relevant in Mandarin speech and drama classes, where cultural and linguistic elements are intertwined.

Improvisation skills

Improvisation enables students to think on their feet. It helps with creative problem solving and looking at situations from different creative angles. This will further enhance their decision making skills, and with a positive learning environment it will build their confidence to be creative and independent thinkers.

Developing social skills

Speech and Drama encourages good development of social skills. More often than not, students will be working together in a group so basic skills like sharing and listening to others are integral in the learning experience. Drama also encourages empathy towards others and world situations as students get exposed to different scenario through role-play activities and plays.

Speech and Drama at Absolute Minds

At Absolute Minds, we are committed to elevating the Chinese Speech and Drama experience. Our uniquely designed lessons blend Mandarin language learning with the cultivation of moral values and life skills, all within a fun and nurturing environment. Recognizing the boundless potential of each child’s creativity, especially within the rich tapestry of Chinese culture and language, we provide a space for exploration and discovery.

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Workshop Online Reviews


The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves so much, I must say that all the facilitators were very professional and patient.


I would highly recommend other childcare centers’ and Kindergartens to engage ‘Absolute Minds’ for their English and Chinese speech and drama.

Geetha Nambiar The Moral childcare Centre

We engaged Absolute Mind for our company’s Kids@Work event for 4 units of 1.2mx1.2m canvas painting. The facilitators were enthusiastic, spontaneous and engaging with the kids in their individual group. During planning, Moon was helpful in sharing her ideas and recommendations based on our unique requirements. Absolute Mind definitely is experienced in organising kids’ events. The 4 canvases painted by the kids, will definitely go up the walls in our office. Thank You.

GovtTech Kids@Work 2019 Corporate

My 5yo son attended both English Dance Party and Mandarin Enchanting Sneakers today. He loves the workshops! Teachers are patient and engaging. If I may recommend small room for improvement, perhaps the Mandarin teacher can speak a little slower to cater for kids with weaker command of Mandarin. Nonetheless, the overall experience from both sessions are still very positively-rated by our son

Yunita Chang parent

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