Chinese enrichment for children

Chinese creative speech and drama

Chinese enrichment for children, creative classes with speech & drama, cultural arts & more.

Chinese enrichment for children

Cultivating a Passion for Mandarin at Absolute Minds

At Absolute Minds, our mission is to kindle a deep-seated love for Mandarin in children through our immersive Chinese enrichment programmes. Led by experienced instructors, our classes are designed to be playful and engaging, sparking creativity and building confidence in every student.

"Every week, childrens eagerly anticipates her Chinese class.
It's wonderful to see her Mandarin skills flourishing."

Chinese Programs


Chinese Speech & Drama, This program immerses children in Mandarin through dynamic activities like singing, and storytelling, creating a fun and interactive learning environment.
Cultural Arts, Children delve into the richness of Chinese culture, learning calligraphy, and creating traditional arts and crafts, which deepens their cultural understanding and appreciation.
chinese enrichment

The Essence of Chinese Learning

"Language is the road map of a culture"

as eloquently stated by renowned Chinese author Lu Xun. At Absolute Minds, we believe in this profound connection between language and culture. Our programmes are more than just language classes; they are a journey into the heart of Chinese culture, history, and art.

Holiday Workshops

These workshops immerse children in a spectrum of Chinese cultural activities, including traditional arts, calligraphy, and folklore, enriching their understanding and appreciation of Chinese heritage and traditions.

Mandarin Mastery Program

This program focuses on mastering Mandarin through engaging methods like interactive storytelling and language games. It aims to build fluency and confidence in speaking, reading, and writing Mandarin.

Native Mandarin Educators

Our team of native Mandarin-speaking educators are experts in their field, bringing a wealth of experience and authentic cultural insights to each lesson. Their passion and innovative teaching techniques inspire a profound love for the language and Chinese culture.


Why Choose Absolute Minds for Mandarin Enrichment?

Absolute Minds stands at the forefront of Mandarin education, not just teaching the language but also instilling a lifelong appreciation for Chinese culture. Our holistic approach prepares students not only for academic success but also for a deeper, more meaningful engagement with the world.

We empower school managers, directors, and parents with the assurance that their children are receiving an education that goes beyond the classroom, fostering global citizens who are culturally aware and linguistically proficient.

Workshop Online Reviews


The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves so much, I must say that all the facilitators were very professional and patient.


I would highly recommend other childcare centers’ and Kindergartens to engage ‘Absolute Minds’ for their English and Chinese speech and drama.

Geetha Nambiar The Moral childcare Centre

We engaged Absolute Mind for our company’s Kids@Work event for 4 units of 1.2mx1.2m canvas painting. The facilitators were enthusiastic, spontaneous and engaging with the kids in their individual group. During planning, Moon was helpful in sharing her ideas and recommendations based on our unique requirements. Absolute Mind definitely is experienced in organising kids’ events. The 4 canvases painted by the kids, will definitely go up the walls in our office. Thank You.

GovtTech Kids@Work 2019 Corporate

My 5yo son attended both English Dance Party and Mandarin Enchanting Sneakers today. He loves the workshops! Teachers are patient and engaging. If I may recommend small room for improvement, perhaps the Mandarin teacher can speak a little slower to cater for kids with weaker command of Mandarin. Nonetheless, the overall experience from both sessions are still very positively-rated by our son

Yunita Chang parent

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