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Our Absolute Minds Role Models®

Our wonderful Absolute Minds Role Models are from the LAMDA, UK, College of Teachers and are trained specifically in speach and drama, however, we also have our own certified in-house programmes.

Our thoughts and beliefs

We consider that each child is a unique individual. For us, each child is special. Every child is unique and individual and our programmes encourage this individuality through appreciation and respect. Each child has it’s own need. A social, emotional, physical and intellectual need. Children can love to learn, we encourage this through our methods.

We consider that motivation is vital. Confidence is a key part a childs life. Our programmes are aimed at developing each individual childs’ self awareness, building their self esteem and confidence, create sustainance in their learning, nurture their full potential, encourage them to search out knowledge.

We consider that the strength of our programmes are courtesy of our dedicated teachers. Our teachers have a love of teaching and a love of children, they are professional, self motivated and competent. We also offer our teachers the support, training, ressources and freedom that we believe is required to create appropriate learning experiences for a child.

We consider that parents are important too. Communication between parents and staff is vital. We encourage effective active communication and active involvement in the childs enrichement experience.

English Teachers

Have fun while building confidence and learning how to speak clearly through our English programmes.

Chinese Teachers

Learning Mandarin can be fun with our Speech and Drama and Mini Mandarin Cultural Arts programme.