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Mini Mandarin Cultural Arts

Our Mini Mandarin Cultural Arts Programme aims to spark an appreciation and understanding of the Chinese culture. This is done by exposing them to several Chinese art forms such as Chinese Calligraphy, Ink Painting, Mask painting, Paper Cutting and other traditional crafts.

The programme not only cultivates each child’s creativity but also facilitates a creative platform to learn mandarin through a cultural experience. By immersing them in the culture and using the language in everyday activities, it allows a positive environment for the children to develop a love for the culture and the language itself.


What happens in class?

Each lesson will be based on a theme focusing on different aspects of the Chinese culture. Students are taught a word or phrase in traditional Chinese calligraphy as get to visualise how modern-day Chinese characters came about allowing them a deeper appreciation of the language. Apart from the calligraphy itself, out teachers will guide the students in making a corresponding art-work while explaining it’s significance in the Chinese culture.