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English Speech and Drama (3-6yrs)

Our Speech and Drama Programme aims to develop children to be articulate and fluent in their speech while carrying themselves confidently in public. We challenge their perceptions about their wold and themselves through the various role-plays.

We encourage the children to be creative thinkers and problem solvers and provide opportunities for them to express themselves through play while developing a love for the language. This allows for a more positive and confident self-image while building the necessary social skills.


Our themed lessons incorporate several drama therapy exercises to keep the class interesting. These activities include role-playing, choral recitation dramatization exercises, and prop-making. Our lessons not only build confidence but emphasize on character building traits as the children role-play the stories and characters in the programme.

The classes are fun, energetic and great for developing social skills. Through individual and group activities they learn how to be leaders, critical thinkers and team players. All in preparation for an end of year showcase where the students get to present what they have learned through the course of our programme.