Bring speech and drama classes to Your School

Looking to expand your enrichment offerings? Add Absolute Minds’ speech and drama classes and unlock a world of benefits for your students.

Our specialist teachers use interactive games, improvisation, and role play to nurture creativity and build vital communication skills. Classes boost confidence, social abilities, focus, and imagination. 

The curriculum covers core techniques like articulation, projection, body language, and scene work. Themes and content are tailored by age:

Bring speech and drama classes to Your School in singapore

  • Nursery (18 months – 3 years): Creative play, music, movement
  • Preschool (3 – 6 years): Storytelling, role play, arts and crafts
  • Primary (6 – 12 years): Acting, improvisation, public speaking

Small groups encourage participation. Classes focus on the process, not the final product. Mistakes are embraced as learning opportunities.

Performances and presentations throughout the program build memorization, teamwork, and presentation skills. Children also learn to manage stage fright.

Bringing in Absolute Minds’ speech and drama classes shows parents you offer innovative enrichment options. Added benefits for your school include:

  • Improved student confidence and communication abilities
  • Creative outlet and experience for shy or hesitant students
  • Valuable drama and public speaking skills
  • Engaging end-of-term performances for parents
  • Specialized curriculum and progressive skill building

We also offer one-off drama workshops perfect for seasonal programs or camps. Theatre games, improv, and interactive stories can complement your existing offerings.

Ignite your students’ creativity and confidence with Absolute Minds’ speech and drama classes and workshops.

Contact us today to discuss programs tailored for your school!

Theatre is about capturing an audience and making them forget where they are.




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